Welcome to Freshwater Feasts, a cooking blog from Michigan Sea Grant!

We’re a collection of educators, communicators, and research scientists who love the Great Lakes–and the delicious edibles that come from their waters. We’re excited to use this blog to showcase fantastic recipes, unusual edible fish, and safe seafood resources tied to our freshwater seas. We may even hit the road and feature some of the Great Lakes region’s stellar seafood restaurants!

Do you have a show-stopping seafood recipe? Are you passionate about a local seafood eatery? Can you recommend places to purchase safe, fresh, sustainable freshwater products? Let us know! Submit a comment on the “Contact Us” page or find Michigan Sea Grant on social media.

At Michigan Sea Grant, we’re fortunate to work with a variety of amazing partners. We collaborate with–and learn from–people at universities, research centers, fish hatcheries, non-profits, citizen groups, marinas, parks, all levels of government, and beyond.

Many of these partners have done marvelous work toward encouraging safe, delicious seafood in our restaurants and kitchens. We’ll feature their work in upcoming Freshwater Feasts posts. To start out, here are resounding digital high-fives to three of the organizations that paved the way for this blog:

  • The “Eat Safe Fish” campaign from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. We’ll talk more about seafood safety in the Great Lakes, but if you want a sneak peek, read their regional primers (and scroll down the page for seafood safety links from other states).
  • Wisconsin Sea Grant’s “Eat Wisconsin Fish.” Explore their collection of recipes, details about fished and farmed Wisconsin species, and tips for finding local suppliers.
  • The Monterey Aquarium “Seafood Watch” site, which offers tips for finding safe, sustainable seafood of all varieties.