A smoked whitefish treat in Rogers City

By Todd Marsee, Michigan Sea Grant’s graphic designer and photographer

Add some crackers and veggies to turn your smoked whitefish into a complete meal (adult beverage optional). Photo: Todd Marsee

Last week, I was taking photographs at the 4-H Great Lakes Natural Resources Camp in Presque Isle. My home base was Hoeft State Park in Rogers City, where Michigan Sea Grant worked on a Sustainable Small Harbors community charrette a few years ago. During the charrette, many locals mentioned their love for Plath’s Meats, a family-runĀ  meat market that specializes in smoked meats.

Naturally, on my recent visit, I had to try out the smoked whitefish and bacon. Our family loves smoked whitefish, so I was happy to buy a few packages and enjoy it with them on the patio the next day. We like to include a sharp cheddar cheese with crackers (which can also be a vehicle for the whitefish). Fried sweet potatoes with garlic, onion, and mushrooms, along with some homemade vinegar-based coleslaw finished the plate.

If you’re in Rogers City (or Petoskey, home to Plath’s Meats’ other location), head out to your local market and support our amazing Great Lakes fishery!

Smoked whitefish can be an ingredient in other recipes, a cracker-topping snack, or a meal in its own right. Photo: Todd Marsee

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