Paradise is a basket of fried whitefish

Basket of fried whitefish with lemon wedge and pickle.
A superlative Upper Peninsula treat. Photo: Tom Brennan

When Tom Brennan, the maintenance supervisor for our Ann Arbor office, heard about Freshwater Feasts, he couldn’t wait to share a restaurant recommendation with us. He and his family take frequent trips to the Upper Peninsula. Whenever he’s in the area, Tom makes sure to visit Brown Fisheries Fish House, a restaurant in Paradise, MI, that specializes in lake whitefish from Lake Superior.

He sent us this photo of a meal up at the Fish House, calling this basket of fried whitefish “the best fish in Michigan!”

The next time you’re in the eastern U.P. to collect rocks at Whitefish Point or hike Tahquamenon Falls, be sure to pop over to Paradise and visit Brown Fisheries for yourself. Or let us know where else you think you’ve found “the best fish in Michigan”!

Edit: Here’s a P.S. from Michigan Sea Grant Extension Educator Mark Breederland, who serves the northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula from his home base in Traverse City:

“I was at Brown Fisheries Fish House about 3-4 years ago with our family (probably during August). What was nice was that when we were seated eating our baskets, just out of the blue, one of the fishermen brought a full non-filleted fish into the restaurant and just walked around table to table to let the patrons see what they were eating and ask questions. He held a nice fresh standard specimen whitefish. My girls liked it, and I thought it was a great touch!”

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