Whitefish cookbook sale!

Though this blog has been online for more than a month, with several soft roll-outs at various events and staff meetings, November 15 marked Freshwater Feasts‘ debut to the greater universe via the November issue of the Michigan Sea Grant Upwellings newsletter. Hello, world!

We invite you to celebrate this occasion with us. Some of the recipes that will be featured on this blog come from our whitefish cookbook, published in 2010 with contributions from more than a dozen talented chefs from across the Great Lakes region.  10-502-whitefish-cookbook-cover

Now through January 15, 2017, you can get 30% off the whitefish cookbook in our bookstore with the promo code “FEASTS”.

As you work through the recipes in the cookbook, let us know how things go! Did you make any tweaks? Substitute a different kind of fish? Shake up the flavors? Leave a comment or get in touch via the contact page. And if you happen to snap any pictures while you make one of these recipes, we might even feature you in an upcoming Freshwater Feasts post!

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