Pre-feast gear for Father’s Day

Photo: Pixabay

It’s June, and Father’s Day is right around the proverbial corner. Why not surprise your fish-loving father or father-figure with some new swag to help out in the stream, lake, or kitchen?

If a new rod or reel are outside your budget, here are some ideas for affordable gifts that’ll start the season on the right foot.

And who knows — with the right gift, you might just end up with a fresh-caught fillet as a thank-you!

  • Head lamp: Easier to wield than a flashlight clenched between the teeth, head lamps are perfect for pulling out hooks at dusk, midnight, or dawn.headlamp-2202248_1920
  • Floating pliers: Even the most graceful anglers lose track of their pliers once in a while. Find a pair with foam handles that won’t sink to a watery grave when they get knocked off the side of the boat.
  • First aid kit: Buy or assemble a first aid kit specially designed for fishing expeditions. Kits should include various shapes of band-aids, gauze, gloves, antiseptic cream, tweezers, pain relievers, cotton balls, and more. Get a complete list of suggested contents here.first-aid-kit-59646_1920
  • Waterproof bag: Help your angler stash keys, cell phone, camera, and wallet in a safe place. Outdoor recreation stores sell many shapes and sizes of waterproof bags and cases.
  • Sunscreen: It always runs out faster than one might expect. Make sure your angler has a spare bottle on hand!
  • Grilling plank: Grilling fish on a plank of cedar, alder, or oak gives the meat a smoky flavor boost — and the plank can double as a woodsy platter. Buy a pre-cut plank or cut your own (just be sure to pick untreated wood and sand it very well).salmon-2326481_1920
  • Basket of flavors: Introduce your angler to some new marinades, sauces, or seasonings. Cherry barbecue sauce? Black tea salmon rub? Here’s your chance to push the envelope!
  • Seafood cookbook: Find a cookbook featuring your angler’s favorite species or preparation method. Perhaps a cookbook full of delectable whitefish recipes would do the trick? Bonus: Snag our cookbook for 30 percent off through the month of June with the promo code FEASTS. 

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